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Remembase helps you find the things you saved online

Remember that funny cat gif from Reddit two weeks ago?
Or that great sourdough recipe on YouTube?
Remembase does.

Search everything you've ever saved - instantly

Every article, video, and post you've ever saved online is at your fingertips. Your bookmarks are not just saved but truly accessible.

Use your own words

Our cutting-edge AI understands your language, your style, and your intent. Whether it's a vague memory of an article, a snippet from a video, or a line from a post, just describe it as you remember and let Remembase do the magic.

Continue browsing, we'll handle the saving

With Remembase, there's no need to change your browsing habits or manually save anything. Our platform quietly pulls and organizes your saves and stars in the background. It's like having an invisible assistant who meticulously collects everything you find interesting, so you can focus on enjoying your online journey.

Find your bookmarks in seconds